United Steel Storage, Inc. (USSI) addresses the specific needs of clients in the retail furniture industry. Our products and services encompass Warehouse/Distribution and Material Handling Systems.

USSI has professionals with over 150 years of combined hands-on experience. USSI’s commitment to their clients’ is to be available when needed to provide solutions to a variety of material handling and operational needs and a more profitable operation.

OUR MISSION: We partner with clients to provide transformational services and solutions to achieve operational excellence in warehousing and logistics.

OUR VISION: To maintain and grow our customer family with integrity and a passionate pursuit of innovation that achieves world class efficiency.

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Whether it’s improvements to your existing facility, expanding your existing facility or looking to buy, lease or build a new facility, United Steel Storage Inc. (USSI) can assist you in recognizing your operating shortfalls and provide with recommendations suitable to meet your budget requirements.


United Steel Storage Inc. (USSI) has provided design services in all capacities from Top 100 leaders in the retail furnishings industry to single location facilities. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with the best designs that look great and meet your expectations.


Opportunities for improvement in warehousing are abundant. As these opportunities are identified and improvements are implemented, substantial reductions in warehousing costs and increases in operational efficiency can be achieved.