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2020 – WHAT A YEAR!

2020 – What a year!

Here we are – a year after the epic 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic hit the United States.

A year full of surprises & so many changes that were not forecasted when we started projects pre-pandemic. Despite it all, we are still standing & growing like never before!

During the epic COVID-19 Pandemic – we completed THREE major warehousing jobs all across the Eastern United States plus processed hundreds of furniture cart and other material handling equipment orders.

Although we had to navigate through all the “new normals” the pandemic brought with it –  we still managed to get our jobs complete in a timely fashion & left the sites with happy and satisfied customers!

Through 2020 – we tapped into one of our top core values here at USSI – Loyalty – and stayed loyal to our customers & their needs and provided the work ethic they needed to ensure a smooth completion that we promised pre-pandemic. All three major project locations are thriving in the current market and we actually just completed an EXPANSION to one of the locations due to an immediate need because of growth! WOW! Here’s a little about the major projects we completed during the peak of all the changes COVID-19 brought upon us:

In March 2020, the pandemic hit and took us by total surprise. We were in the middle of a NEW distribution center construction for Broad River Retail in Four Oaks, NC to accommodate their growing operation! We were hit with SO many new guidelines and changes that were not previously forecasted for the project but they had to be put into effect to follow the newly released CDC guidelines at that time. Although this made for tough waters to navigate through to get the job done on time– WE STILL DID IT and we closed the project out at the end of March! We were honored that Mr. Malouf, CEO of Broad River Retail, said on a LinkedIn post about the project completion “We trust  United Steel Storage, Inc to design our premier, world-class Distribution Centers”. We truly value our client relationships and work diligently to deliver nothing but the best to them!  Below you will see the completed project result!

While we were trying to finish up & complete the project in Four Oaks, NC for Broad River Retail, we also had a crew at Georgia Furniture Mart in Tucker, Ga completing a NEW distribution center to accommodate their growth, as well– navigating through all the same changes the pandemic was bringing with it. We faced a lot of hurdles – but with a great team effort – we closed out this project on time in April! It took team work to make the dream work! This was originally a 2 Phase project that was going to be completed in 2022 but due to an increase in growth & an immediate need of more warehousing space – we just completed phase 2 in March 2021 – ONE YEAR EARLY! We love seeing our clients succeed in growth! Below you will see a time-lapse video of the PHASE I project completed during the Pandemic.

Around the same time of the two other jobs mentioned above – we started of a large mezzanine project that was apart of a four phase project in Edison, New Jersey for Ashley-FDE! Our clients wanted to utilize the footprint they currently had but needed more rack space on the main level to accommodate growth. So, USSI came in and we relocated their assembly and repair area to the mezzanine we designed for the unused space above the dock doors. The 27,000 SQFT mezzanine project freed up space on the main level for 192,951 cubic feet of product. Additionally, this full project was completed in four different phases because our client did not want to disrupt day-to-day operations which included implementing a night shift to get the project complete. This project also had it’s hurdles – especially being in New Jersey – but we managed to keep working to get the job completed and stayed true to our word to our clients! Here is a recent LinkedIn post from Mr. Chrinian, VP of Operations, after completing the last phase of this complete project a few months ago – “Here we grow again! We are excited to announce the completion of our second rack expansion in as many years in partnership with United Steel Storage, Inc as part of our 3-year strategic plan to double our distribution capacity from our Edison, NJ, Distribution Center. This project lays the foundation for Ashley Furniture HomeStores of Metro New York & New Jersey‘s continued growth of showrooms by increasing our inventory storage capacity by 30%. Thank you to the team of people that made this 10+ year vision a reality during the midst of a global pandemic! “. See below for the completed mezzanine portion of the project that was completed during the Global Pandemic:

2020 had many curve balls – but we dug our heels into our core values here at USSI & completed our jobs on hand & produced the work ethic we are so widely known for! A big THANK YOU to all of our clients that navigated the waters of change with us & continued to instill trust within our company to get your projects completed – as promised! 

WE ARE EXCITED FOR EVERYTHING 2021 HAS TO OFFER! We have some really exciting projects on the horizon!

Be on the lookout for future blog post about projects happening here at USSI!

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