Our Clients

A Few of Our Satisfied Clients

Georgia Furniture Mart                               La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries
American Sportswear                                  Miskelly Furniture
The Bedroom, Inc.                                        Nebraska Furniture Mart
Broad River Retail                                        Neiman Marcus
Cagle’s                                                             NuSkin Cosmetics
Cerro Wire                                                     Osram Sylvania Company
City Furniture                                               Phillips Furniture
Coty Cosmetics                                              R.C. Willey Home Furnishings
El Dorado Furniture                                    R.A. Siegal
Grand Piano & Furniture Company         Sound Advice
Innovative Mattress Solutions                  Smith’s Container
Ivan Smith Furniture                                  Steinhafel’s Furniture
Joe Robbie Stadium                                     Thomaston Mills
John V Schultz                                              Tumac Lumber
Knoxville Wholesale
Klaussner Furniture


Keith Koenig – President – City Furniture:
“We view USSI as not just an equipment provider but as a trusted partner integral to our success.”

Pedro Capo – President – El Dorado Furniture:
“They helped us develop systems and procedures to make our warehouse operations more efficient.”

Chip Miskelly – President – Miskelly Furniture:
“After working with USSI for a long time you begin to understand how much return on investment you can get by taking their advice in areas of technology and other things they are able to put in place for you in the warehouse. We have a lot of confidence in USSI because we have seen how effectively it works.”


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